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\"LearnIf you are looking for how to Make Money Online with a Blog/Website then  you are in the right place. You hear people are making money from their blogs/website but you don’t have an idea how to go about it. We are going to assist you to to start a blog/website in which you are good at..For Example..Writing Articles, Making Tutorial Videos, Selling Football Odds/Tips, Making Food/Diet Recipes, Travelling Blogs, Recreation and Leisure, Fashion Blog, Make Up/Beauty Blog.


You will Start Making Money through the following ways

Affiliate Income:


Promote other Peoples Products/Companies on your website and when someone makes a purchase you will definitely get a commission. Some of the Affiliate Companies are like Jumia,Kilimall,Web



True Host( Web Hosting)



Kenya Pesa

Social Media Influencing on Facebook, Twitter


Hosting Companies(BlueHost,TrueHost,HostGator)



Click Bank


Google AdSense

AdSense is an advertising platform owned by Google and one of the Best way to make money from blogging. You Sign up and  if Approved you are either paid when someone clicks on the ads  or by the amount of views the ads Receives. The more traffic you get the More the AdSense Income you will probably get


Coaching and Consulting


When you start a blog about a Particular topic you will definitely become an expert at it.Below find various ways you can make make income at particular topics


Beauty/Fashion : Applying Make Up to People around your area, Write Contact Details on your website where potential clients will make an appointment or Book for a Make Up Session at a fee.



Send Sure Football/Betting Tips  via SMS or Emails




Cooking Procedures and E Books


Therapy/Massage  Indoor Massage and Therapy

Get In Touch with us to Learn More on How we can Make a Website for you with a starting Deposit of Ksh 4000 via WhatsApp   >>> Whatsapp link Click Here to Chat with Me Via Whatsapp

or via get in touch via  email

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