How to Get Craft Loan: Registration,App, & Payments



How Craft Loan Works

Go to google playstore in your android phone and search for the app Craft. Download it and it will get installed automatically.

• Click Create Account
• Fill In Personal Terms
• You will get a quick loan approval decision. Craft app is a direct lender so there is no long wait for an answer where you can Access Instant Loans from the App

Your Money will be deposited right into your MPESA account. Your installment loan payments come from the same account – automatic, no hassles.

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How to Repay Craft Loan using Your App or VIA Safariom Sim Tool Kit

• Go to your Mpesa menu and select Lipa na Mpesa
• Select the ‘ pay bill’ option
• Enter the Craft loan app paybill number as 352032
• Next, choose the ‘account number’ enter your M-PESA phone number
• Enter the amount you are repaying then press okay
• Enter your M-Pesa Pin


Key Notes

  • Your borrowing ability depends on your credit score but initially you can borrow as little as 500/= to as much as 50000/= , to qualify for higher loans you need to have a high credit score which is achieved by repaying loans on time.
  • The loan is to be repaid within 21 days since taking the loan or according to the agreement to which you took the loan.
  • Failure to repay the loan will lead to your details being handed over to the collection agents and ultimately to the CRB.

  Late Payment

If a borrower is unable to repay the advance within the period specified in the initial loan offer agreement, the borrower may be granted an interest-free grace period. After that grace period, the loan will be rolled over for a period of at least two weeks in return for an extension fee.

Both the extension fee and due date extension period will be determined at the sole discretion of CRAFT

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Craft Loan App Contacts

Mobile Number : +254 780004840
Email Address    :  

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