Legit Ways of making Money online

Legit Ways of making Money online


Legit Ways of making Money online

Internet is taking control of almost everything in the world. With the current incoming new technologies, one should be a relevant user of the internet to be conversant with the emerging technologies and scientific inventions across the world. Online legit internet services have proved to be good platforms to create money. Individuals, organizations and institutions are making money online through the following ways

Freelancing opportunities

Freelancing are simply online witting platforms where different writers write articles for pay. Though they are competitive, they are one of the best ways to make online. The requirements for this opportunity are simply a laptop and internet connection. Freelancing entails placing bids to articles, essays or any other kind of a writing activity carried online posted online by clients from all over the globe. The clients post the assignment online and willing writers place bids against them and get paid after successfully working on the assigned tasks. Some of available legit free freelancing sites includes

  • Freelancer.com
  • Upwork.com
  • fiverr.com

Online tutoring

Online tutoring is amongst the best paying online jobs. If for example you have a skill that you would like to pass out or train, you can begin your own online class to train people online and they pay you. Also you can offer lectures online by uploading learning tutorials online and anyone who gets to view the tutorial you get paid. Writing pdf and uploading them online such that anyone who views the pdf and downloads it you get a payment is also another tutoring option.

Creating and designing webpages

Webpages is a fresh opportunity for individuals with outstanding skills in creating a website. small business and organizations demand web designers for their websites and others are in need of creating their own website. moreover, you can not only create websites for organizations but also you can create a website of your own and get to earn every time an individual browser into your website. Some organizations also hire individuals to enter contents to their website.


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Language translating

If you happen to know some of these foreign languages like French, Germany then you’re a luckier person simply because you can create your own site online where you can be translating documents from one language to another and get paid. In addition, there are individuals online who have their own translating languages sites and at times they may recruit you as one of their own to work with you at a good pay.

Selling items online

Though it is a competitive opportunity, you can also come up with your own website or channel to sell goods online and with time when it picks and customers trust you, then you will be reaping highly from the opportunity. An individual can specialize to sell a single commodity or various commodities.  A company like jumia which sell various commodities online is a good example of the successful online business.

Creating YouTube channel account

This is one best paying opportunities especially to the celebrities. The higher the number of followers you have and also the higher the number of people subscribed to your you tube account the higher the pay. You only need to create an account and start uploading enticing videos which will catch the attention of the people like comedy activities and for the beginner you will have also to entice and mobilize people to subscribe to your channel.it is easier for a known celebrity to reap highly from it simply because they need is to create the account and people will subscribe to it without you having to mobilize them much.

Data entry opportunities

Some of organizations and individuals hire writers, computer experts to enter data into their systems and they pay them heavily. They only require you to have a very fast typing speed, a computer or a laptop and a good internet connectivity network to get to work.

Surveys, research and reviews.

This could be a part job opportunity for students. Companies, institutions or even some individuals require persons to carry out surveys, research activities about their companies or some other related fields and upon successful and fruitful research work they pay a good salary.


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